One Word

Written by Dr. Ted Lymer

It's time to tell your child you have cancer.

Written for 3-7 year olds, One Word is designed to help parents with the difficult task of telling a child that Mommy or Daddy (family member or friend) has cancer. What might happen, and touch on the fears, concerns, treatment, side affects, and the unknown of what might lie ahead.  

This rhyming children’s is a beautifully written and illustrated book designed to help start the conversation with your child. The story and character help keep your child engaged with a colorful story that gives them a relatable starting point to better understand what the people in their lives are about to, or currently going through.

One Word is a valuable tool for parents as it lays the foundation and helps bridge the gaps when it comes to the most difficult conversation any parent can have with their child.

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Our story, like most stories in life, started out like any other day. Things to do, places to go, just another day…

But soon the diagnosis of cancer would change everything for Sadie, Ellie, a mother sheep of two lambs, Dave and Halyn, and the new friends they meet that help them with the difficult road ahead.

Your child will learn that the word cancer can be scary thing for some and confusing for other’s; not knowing what to expect, what to do, how to help.  

"Monday morning, blue sky bright,

Young Sadie was on her way.

Off to town to see the doctor.

It was just another day."

Your child will learn what can happen with cancer as Ellie undergoes treatment that makes her very sick, tired, and causes her hair, her “wool” to fall out. They will learn the importance of family, friends, and how they too can be a helper with Mommy or Daddy.

And most important of all, they will learn the One Word can truly change it all.

The most difficult conversation you will ever have

Parents diagnosed with cancer say the only thing harder than being told they have cancer is the task of telling their child they have cancer. After all, you’re Mom, your Dad! You’re the one person your kids look to too “fix” things. How can you be sick? So where do you go from here? Where do you go when you hit the wall called cancer?

There’s no doubt your life has forever changed by the simple utterance of one word. And you are going to need the help of family, friends, your doctor’s, support groups, and as important, the love, support, and knowledge that your children are “OK”. That they are doing the best that they can as mommy or daddy go through what lies ahead.

Time for the talk

You have cancer. And now you have to tell your child you have cancer. You prepare, you rehearse; you practice exactly what you are going to say, or better said, you try.

Then the moment comes. You sit down with your child, calmly, patiently, lovingly, and then you look into the most precious eyes on earth, your child’s. You open your mouth to speak, but all that come are tears.

This is an incredibly emotional time for you. And this is an incredibly difficult conversation. That’s why we wrote One Word; to bridge that gap, to give you a focus when telling your child you have cancer and what that means for you and for them.

Providing you with the tools you need
and the answers your child needs

One Word is designed to give you the tools you need to engage in conversations about what might happen when the diagnosis of cancer comes; the fears, concerns, treatment, side effects, how to help mommy or daddy, and the unknown of what might lie ahead.

One word provides a foundation to refer back to time and time as concerns or fears surface with your child. Being able to reference back to the story gives you a strong foundation as you move forward as a parent, as a family.

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